Solo Project / East Temple Avenue 

Hi Everyone,

I'm making some nice headway on my solo project for Escape Records! I know Steve Price has been playing a rough mix of one :) --Thx Steve!!!

Today working on a track for our East Temple Ave band, sounding real nice!!

I hope all of you are remaining healthy throughout this crazy time; I can't pray enough these days.

Love you all,


Burning the Midnight Oil 

As many of you know (or may not know), I've been working on several music projects lately.  Actually, I've always had a few irons in the fire but lately, I've been stoking that fire even hotter. 

Most of you know about several of my music projects such as Find Me, East Temple Avenue, CannonBallz, Blanc Faces, and I've also sung on some lead tracks with Alan Friedman and company. 

Most recently I'm working on a solo CD for Escape Music Ltd based out of the UK. It is a solo album titled “Double Trouble”, and it is being produced by the acclaimed Steve Overland, most notable for fronting the UK melodic rock sensation FM.

I'm also working on some other songs which I'm self-publishing under my own name. 

Stay tuned for more info!