"Falling From The Moon"

With: Blanc Faces

Brian LaBlanc & Robbie LaBlanc

Brian LaBlanc & Robbie LaBlanc

Nobody says it better than Dimitris Kontogeorgakos of in his review...

"This is the kind of release I am used in getting from Frontiers Records. And that is pure melodic Rock albums that carry the atmosphere of a previous -but not forgotten- decade(s). BLANC FACES is one of those highly skilled bands spawning these days during which the aforementioned genre is really blossoming. Indeed, there is quite a strong current during this sound and to my surprise, there are many bands that can handle the 'burden' of delivering albums in the vein of JOURNEY, CHICAGO and SURVIVOR among others. 

The Blanc brothers gave life to this band somewhere in 2005 when they put together the homonymous and debut BLANC FACES album. The positive response by the press and the audiences during the concerts that followed gave them the boost to come together and write some more music now found in Falling From The Moon. The songs in this album are the definition of melodic Rock. Crystal clear sound production, the exact distortion in the guitars, mid-to-high pitched vocals, and a general up-tempo groove are the main elements here. The keyboards play an almost leading role sharing time with the guitars revealing a hearty JOURNEY backbone as found in I Come Alive or in the piano-based ballad Everything. What I really enjoyed during the listening sessions is the US Hard Rock atmosphere spread all around the album mainly in the vein of the late BON JOVI while the piano sounding keyboards justify the TOTO traces present. This music can keep you company in a long journey with your car (especially if you are from the US) or in some club where the not-so-loud music 'dresses' up the conversation and keeps the beer flowing. 

As I said the production is top-notch here and it is not a big surprise that Dennis Ward is responsible. He has turned and pushed all the console buttons in the right direction to give this album the clarity of a pure AOR album. You can really sink yourself in the nice melodies and the catchy chorus and -why not?- travel back in time in a decade that at least musically had more passion. No, this is not a Metal album but a really nice treat for all the mid-30s early 40s AOR lovers and a lesson to learn for all the youngsters who have lost themselves in this 'core' blizzard. I coming home again, falling from the Moon."

Album Credits: 

  • Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar – Robbie LaBlanc
  • Lead Guitar - Butch Taylor
  • Bass – Brian LaBlanc 
  • Drums – Kyle Woodring 
  • Keyboards – Jeff Batter  
  • Mixed By, Mastered By – Dennis Ward 
  • Producer – Brian LaBlanc, Robbie LaBlanc  
  • Recorded By – Michael Patzig
  • Photography By – Kimberly Butler
  • Design, Artwork – Richard Mace  
    Released: November 6, 2009