"My Last Breath"


The Story Behind "MY LAST BREATH" by Darren Phillips: 

Most of us have gone through the heartache of watching somebody we love go through the battle of their lives. 

Some we have lost. Some survive the battle. 

"My Last Breath" is inspired by that battle and puts us all with the thought of just how far we'd go to help the ones we love. 

I hope the lyrics strike a chord with you all. Robbie sings them beautifully and with such passion. The song builds towards what only can be compared to the desperation of losing hope and relying on prayers to get us through. Bruce Kulick's guitar solo soars but is never overplayed and is majestic. 

"My Last Breath" was released on July 23, 2018.  All orders purchased through the link via CDBaby will have the proceeds go to charity. A small gesture for the ones who help us through the fight, and look to end the battle once and for all. 

I look forward to hearing all of your feedback on the track and wish all the best to those still fighting and witnessing the battle. 


Song Credits (As Written by Darren Phillips): 

Bruce Kulick on lead guitars! What an absolute thrill this is. Bruce was an absolute pleasure to work with and can't thank him enough for his wonderful contribution. 

Robbie LaBlanc on lead vocals! Our second single together and once again Robbie has blown the roof off the joint, with outstanding vocals. One of the very best in the business and an honor to call him a friend. 

Dennis Butabi Borg on bass guitar! My Swedish brother! Dennis has worked on several tracks and is just as excited to appear on a track with Bruce as we all are. An absolutely wonderful bass track from one of the coolest cats in the business. 

Bryce Mileto on drums! Killer drummer and future superstar! Plus one of the nicest kids on the planet! 

Daniel Skeed on everything else! I've mentioned many times the genius of Dan and his musical abilities. This track just shows once again that he is undoubtedly one of the best producers on the planet! 

The track is written by myself (Darren Phillips), with an assist by Robbie on the second verse. 

Cover art used with kind permission by Maroo Arts.
Released: July 23, 2018