"What We're Made Of"

With: Alan Friedman

Album Cover: "What We're Made Of" (Pic is of Alan Friedman's parents)

Album Cover: "What We're Made Of" (Pic is of Alan Friedman's parents)

This is another album that Alan Friedman put together while wearing many hats. That said, Alan is one of Robbie's very best friends. They periodically work together on music projects with other artists/musicians. Some of those projects have Robbie singing most (or all) of the tracks and other projects have tracks sung by other vocalists. This album includes many different vocalists and they're all great. All of the tracks include the amazingly gifted talents of both famous (and not-so-famous) musicians, as well.  

Alan also has a local band called The Accounting Crows. Though Robbie is not a member of The Accounting Crows, he attends their local shows whenever possible, and sometimes will stand in and perform a song with them.

On this album, each song is unique and some artists perform on some tracks and not on others. 

Here are a list of the tracks (and who sings lead vocals): 
Included below are links to the tracks on YouTube. (Highlighted in red are the tracks performed by Robbie LaBlanc.)

A little background about Alan Friedman:
Alan is a Partner with the certified public accounting firm of Friedman, Kannenberg & Company, P.C. Alan and his firm have developed an expertise in the music industry, servicing a variety of music-related businesses including retail music stores, music instrument and product manufacturers, recording studios, editing and mastering facilities, and professional musicians and bands. Alan presents professional educational seminars at the music retail industry's annual summer and winter NAMM Trade Shows and writes a column in the industry's leading music products retailing magazine, Music. Inc. Read more about Alan Friedman on his music website for: The Accounting Crows.

Album Credits:
This album includes the talents of many musicians, artists, and other professionals. There are SO many, that it would be difficult to distill them all out of the credits spread out throughout the CD album insert, BUT... If you are interested, you can contact Alan Friedman directly via Email:

Publisher: AlHomeBoy, LLC 
Released: January 19, 2010


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