"Rock Hard"

With: Alan Friedman & The Well Hungaryans

Alan Friedman (is one, "Well Hungaryan"!)

Alan Friedman (is one, "Well Hungaryan"!)

In 2014, Robbie musically ventured into making a 3rd CD album with his good friend (and longstanding accountant. :>), guitarist-songwriter Alan Friedman. After his involvement in Alan’s two previous albums of pop, rock, funk, country, blues & ballads, Alan decided it was time to go back to his roots and make a straight-ahead “rock” album with some of his lifelong friends, including his two talented young drummer sons, Jeremy & Todd Friedman. And with that objective in mind, Alan asked Robbie to sing the entire record….the first of a few to follow. 

Together, Alan and Robbie started the recording process by discarding any notion of using the typical array of studio tricks in favor of making a raw & loose, “no-holds-barred” record of “balls-to-the-wall” rock anthems.  Hence the "tongue-in-cheek" artist name “Alan Friedman & The Well Hungaryans” and album name “Rock Hard”.

Joining Alan & Robbie are some well-known musicians, like drummers Jonathan Mover & Josh Eagan, keyboardist Greg Phillinganes, bassist Doug Wimbish, saxophonist Jimmy Biggins and guitarist Jeff Pevar, to name a few.

Album Credits: 

  • All Lead Vocals - Robbie LaBlanc  
  • Additional musicians and artists: Alan Friedman, Josh Eagan, Jeff Batter, Jeremy Friedman, Tony Jones, Greg Phillinganes, Tony Genevive, Jory Steinberg, Jen Lowe, Doug Wimbish, Jonathan Mover, Jeff Pevar, Jimmy Biggins, and Geoff Brown 
  • Publisher: AlHomeBoy Music
    Released: 2014